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A Stardew Valley-like complete inventory system for your farm simulation game!

This inventory is easy to use and quickly set up and fixed for your game. Just edit some variables, and it's ready to use!

Just try it by downloading the .zip file :)

This asset contains lots of features (some are still under development):

  • Inventory
    • Equipment
  • Chests
    • Palette
    • Ordination functions
  • Skills
    • Wallet
  • Social
    • Hearts
    • Gifts
  • Map
    • You can add your locations with a description
  • Crafting
    • Quickly set your recipe list
  • Save/Load System
    • (very basic, you can improve it by yourself editing "scr_save_load")

About Restyle 1: A great thanks to Mounir Tohami for Pixel Art GUI Elements

About Restyle 2: A great thanks to hernandack for HCK UI Set #1 2D

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Buy Now$29.99 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $29.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

[DEPRECATED] Farm_Inventory_v0.7.9.yyz 766 kB
[DEPRECATED] com.nymphaeagames.farminventory_v0.7.9.yymps 790 kB
[DEPRECATED] com.nymphaeagames.farminventoryXcharactercustomization.compatibilit 1 MB
Farm Inventory - Restyle 1.zip 73 kB
Farm Inventory - Restyle 2.zip 74 kB
Farm_Inventory_v1.2.yyz 777 kB
com.ghostwolf.farminventory_v1.2.yymps 796 kB
Farm_Inventory_v1.3.yyz 1 MB

Download demo

Farm_Inventory_v0.7.5.zip 2 MB
Farm_Inventory_v0.7.2_Restyle_1.zip 2 MB
Farm_Inventory_v0.7.5_Restyle_2.zip 2 MB

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Creating a hydroponics farming game with sci-fi feel.  Interested in commissioned work?

hey, what's up? I would like to know which variable of which slot is selected

how much do you charge hourly for commissions or do you charge based on the project?

Hi ^^ it depends by the project, do you need an inventory?

Yes, inventory/crafting but also need a few other things if possible, might be better chatting over email rather than here :)

(1 edit)

Sure :) you can write me on Discord or a mail:

ghostwolf#5364 ghostwolf.games.gms@gmail.com

Hey! This inventory looks amazing! This is exactly what I’m looking for however I’d like to learn how to program this myself in game maker studio. I don’t suppose you have any tutorials online for this ? - Or able to point me in the right direction?

Thank you! ^^ I’m sorry but I developed it from scratch and without tutorials. Anyway if you need an inventory that better fits your needs I’m free the next week and I could accept a commission!

wow that’s hugely impressive! I’ll have to pick it up then and take notes :)

Hi GhostWolf!

Is it okay to use your asset packs in projects that could become commercial games someday? Was curious if you had information somewhere kind of like a user license?

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I haven’t wrote a license yet, but yes, you’re free to use all my assets as you want, just one limitation: don’t share or resell the code please

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Hi, Can you add the function of max stacking items?

Sure! I’ve just updated the project, you can edit the max items in stack editing the var “max_item_per_type” inside “obj_farm_inventory_setting”



Hi, can you make it for gms1.4 please because I don't buy gms2. Thank

I'm sorry, but I don't have GMS 1 or 1.4, I tried to contact support to ask them if old keys still work (because I would have liked to convert all my projects for older versions) but they said GMS 1 is not available anymore... So I could convert it just for GMS 2, 2.3 or newer versions


so sad, because I don't have gms 2. yes, that's right. YoYo remove GMS1.4 because it is no longer supported. Previously I loaded the yoyo home page but after that I had to look on other sites that still host gms 1.4, I hope it still works. Here's the download link I used (I hope it still works: https://gamemaker-studio.informer.com/1.4/

Anyway thank you for the information, I enjoyed seeing your asset, sorry I can't use gms2.