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This project aims to allow everybody to create their platformer with Game Maker Studio 2.3, without code, but just drawing their levels, dragging and dropping objects on the map, and... it's ready to be played!

So this includes lots of scripts to move, jump, hit, and take hit, interact with objects and enemies, a checkpoint, and scripts to save and load the game.

But not only this, it could be a good starting point for those who want to code their platformer with some strange or innovative dynamics and would like to save time.

By buying this project now, you'll support this project and get access to all future updates.

If you need help with your graphic or find any bugs, don't hesitate to contact me:


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Actually, in the example project, there is just 1 level, so you'll probably get an error while trying to start the next level.

About the graphic:

License: CC0

You can find the original one here:

Included in the project:

Playable characters:

• Move
• Jump
• Wall Jump
• Take Hit

Pickable Objects:

•  You'll get invincibility and the character
blink of various colours
• You'll get some points
(the number of points
can be edited with a
variable inside the object)

Breakable boxes:

• It'll break with a single hit.
• It'll break with more than a hit
(you can change the number of hits required before broke),
each impact drops an object.
• It'll break with more than a hit
(you can change the number of hits required),
will drop all objects at broken.
You can choose what each box contain using the
"Variables" button while developing the room, so
each object can have different things



• Checkpoint:
Save the position of the player inside a level,
when you die, you'll restart from here, but the
position isn't saved when you finish the lives

• End Level:
When you'll "place_meeting" the end level
object, it saves the game progress and shows
the score obtained during the game


Spikes: you take damage from itFan: make you fly over it
Arrow: if touched, make you a
high jump
Falling platform, if touched,
after some seconds starts to
fall down
Rock head: you can choose
the behaviour with a variable,
it will affect his movement
Fire: if touched, the fire will
light up, and then you'll take
Spike head: like the previous
one, but with double damage
Trampoline, like the arrow,  you'll jump



Next updates (not ordered by priority):

  • Intro with background animation (like in Super Mario World for SNES)
  • Room transitions (doors to link rooms inside levels)
  • Add more SFXs
  • Add more music
  • Create at least six playable levels
  • Write down a manual on how to use some tricky objects
  • Add more traps
  • Add more enemies

About the graphic:

License: CC0

You can find the original one here:


You can:

  • Use this asset or part of it to develop your game
  • Edit this asset pack, write new functions, import your graphic (in this case, no warranty of working)
  • Publish free or commercial games developed with this asset

You can't:

  • Share the source code of this asset pack
  • Republish this asset as-is, edited, or part of it, paid or for free
  • Publish a game developed with this asset pack, where users can give access to the source code


Buy Now$29.99 USD or more

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It's kind of expensive, but otherwise awesome!

P.S. You should make a demo for free ;)


Hey Ghostwolf!

I noticed some odd collision issues and unintended damage trying to jump on the enemies. It doesn't feel as smooth and makes the platform engine unfairly difficult. In addition, it will keep giving a game over screen when trying to play again until the entire game is closed and opened again. Same with the executable.

I noticed the last date it was updated ( Jun 14 2021 ) so I was wondering if this engine will be updated in the future please with some refinements. At it's current state, it is difficult to make use of without some drastic modifications.

Thanks, if you can help.


Hey dude, I bought your asset a few weeks back because there was a sale, but I didn't had the time to test it out until recently. I just have to say that it is an awesome asset! thanks! And keep up the good work!

Thank you :)


Hey man, I just bought it. I'm looking forward to it! Is it possible for you to make a tutorial one day, for complete idiots like me? :D

Hahaha xD sure! but if you have any urgent question feel free to contact me via Discord :)


I am 100000% going to pick this up soon.